Development of a project

Stage 2

Set up and design of the investigation


In this second stage, after the meetings with the client to understand "the problem" in all its dimensions and surroundings, the tasks of AMINT focus on:

  • Clearly define research objectives and type of information that must be gathered
  • Define, delimit and (in case of quantitative research) to quantify the research universe
  • Design the most adequate methodology in accordance with the research objectives and the universe under study (type of interview, sample method, sample design, stimulus, etc.)
  • Define which tools should be used in other to obtain the desired information: discussion guides and/or questionnaires
  • Select, prepare and test all methodologies and analysis techniques to assure we will answer to all key questions of the project


Specifically for qualitative research, is at this stage we also consider several methodologies:


‘In-room’ Methodologies focus groups, mini-groups, In-depth individual interviews, dual or triadic, workshops, among others…


Ethnographic methodologies (in natural context) – behavioural observation interviews, accompanied shopping, consumption acts observation, routine and rituals observation, webnography (using information gathered on the internet, observed or participated)


Definition of complementary means for gathering information – self productions like diaries, photos/ capturing the moment, imagery (about rituals, daily routines, habits, … depending on the research), participation in blogs, etc.

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