Development of a project

Stage 3

Information gathering

This third stage of the project is 100% focused on obtaining the information we planned to get through tools previously defined for this purpose. All information obtained should be of utter quality, for that at AMINT we focus all our efforts in the 2 following tasks:

Fieldwork: in terms of qualitative methodologies, all fieldwork is conducted by AMINT (we don’t work with freelancers), and all recruitment is done by at our own recruitment department in strictly accordance with ESOMAR norms and code of conduct. All participants are selected according to target of the project through a selection questionnaire, previously approved by the client.


As for quantitative investigations, all fieldwork is done by companies whit whom AMINT has worked before or selected in order to meet the project specific characteristics.


Control and supervision of the quantitative fieldwork: AMINT is 100% responsible for project management, control and quality supervision of all fieldwork. Besides regular control, AMINT also uses its own control methods.

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