Development of a project

Etapa 4

Information analysis and interpretation of results

In Quantitative research projects, AMINT focus all its efforts on preparing all databases for correct investigation. This previous stage involves 3 tasks:

Structuring and organising the database
variable labelling, indirect variable creation through multivariable analysis, etc.


Database consistency
verifying quotas, eliminating “outliers”, variable smoothstep, etc.


Weighting the database.

Once we prepared all databases for analysis, a team of AMINT’s consultants will do all the necessary analysis they see fit, in order to provide a clear, precise and concise answer to all research objectives.
Besides classic univariate and bivariate analysis, also the following multivariable analysis techniques used individually or combined :
multivariable analysis
In Qualitative research all gathered information obtained during fieldwork is then analysed through content analysis, done upon transcripts of the focus groups and interviews. Which can also include image footage viewing . This information often based on methods of indirect information collection (projective techniques), that are then analysed by AMINT’s team of psychologist, in order to gain access to subconscious and latent information.
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